Multiple Exposure
This class is devoted to exposing a young child (ages 3-5) to a variety of forms of music and dance. Included are tap, jazz, basic ballet, basic tumbling and creative moves. This is a 45 minute class. Although skills are important in this class, the focus is to devlop individual training as the student grows and matures.

This class enhances and teaches a student's ability to utilize style, rhythm, timing and cardio stamina. It is a one hour class offered beginning to advanced for children to adults.

Classes are devoted to teaching ballet using a combination of Russian, French, and American influences. Emphasis is placed on proper body placement & alignment, control and focus. Classes are one hour long for beginning to advanced for children to adults.

This class combines either tap & ballet or tap & jazz. It is taught to children ages 5-10. It will assist the individual to channel their interests in dance.

Classes are devoted to developing technique & contemporary movement using a variety of music. Classes are one hour long for beginning to advanced for children to adults.

Hip Hop
This class combines street moves with traditional jazz to create a pop-and-lock style that sends off a lot of energy & attitude.

Explore the emotion of dance. This class combines Ballet and jazz techniques. Students will execute the elements of lyrical through combinations and routine work.

Musical Theater
Combines music, songs, spoken dialogue, acting and dance. Broadway style works like Westside Story, Cats, Annie & Chicago.

Stretching / Toning
Helps improve flexibility skills as well as building muscle and endurance. This class is highly recommended to all dancers in Intermediate to Advance classes.

Mon: 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

A combination of step and floor aerobics with toninga nd ab exercises for a complete workout. We sometimes mix it up with a little kickboxing. Be prepared for a great workout.

Tiny Tappers/Fairy Ballerinas - NEW!

This class is designed for our tiniest dancers. Open to ages 18 months - 3yrs. This class lets the kids epxlore the fun in music, movement and dance. Kids will leap, learn and laugh learning how to be a fairy ballerina or making music with their feet in tap.

Mommy & Me - NEW!

What a great way to bond with your child than moving and dancing around the room with them. This is a great way to expose your child to dance with you right by their side. This class is open to kids 18 months - 3yrs. Come, let's play.

Zumba - NEW!

Latest fitness craze to take the world by storm. Move your body to the sizzling, sals, cha cha, and meringue. Burn 500-700 calories. Scult and tone your body in this high energy fat blasting party! Ditch the workout; join the fun. No dance experience needed and join anytime.

Cardio Bootcamp - NEW!

An intense interval based workout that will have you increasing your heart rate while toning and developing muscle and strength. Weather permitting we will be outside.

Club Dancing - NEW!

An easy choreographed dance that will have you moving and grooving your way to being fit. This is a great way to increase stamina and your overall fitness. Each week we will learn a new routine. No dance experience needed.

Advance classes.

Performance Opportunities
Christmas Show at Paul Bunyan Mall
BHS Dance Show
Annual Spring Show - BSU
4th of July Parade
Beltrami County Fair