Darci has been dancing since she was four years old. She studied ballet, tap and jazz through college, which is when she was introduced to pole dancing. One spin around the pole and she was hooked! Thirteen years later she's excited to still be learning. She regularly takes classes and workshops, and has received her Silver Pole Fitness Teacher Certification through Pole Moves, which is recognized by both the Pole Fitness Association and the American Council on Exercise. She is also certified in First Aid and CPR.

She feels that the key to any kind or exercise is fun, and she carries that belief into her pole classes. If you asked her what the three most important things in a pole dance class are she would tell you "Laughter, learning, and then being proud of what you've learned." She truly believes that, especially when it comes to pole dance, trying takes more courage than succeeding and, if you're willing to really try, you're already halfway there.

"Pole dancing should be about learning something new, challenging your self and having fun. Looking fabulous afterward is just a great side benefit!"